February 22, 2024

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This is the reason why like to order food online

Reasons Why Do People Prefer to Order Food Online - Y The Wait Blog

The development of technology is increasingly playing a major role in influencing human life. No exception, in terms of meeting daily food needs. The existence of online food ordering applications with digital payments is evidence of the changing behavior of many people when ordering food.

Advantages of Ordering Food Online

Before the onset of the pandemic, the trend of ordering food via online applications had actually grown rapidly. Based on a survey by the research institute, Nielsen, in 2019, revealed that around 58% of Indonesians choose to buy ready-to-eat food through an online application on their cellphone. This is based on several factors concerning consumer interest itself. They feel that they get a different experience when ordering food online than eating at the place. Here are some reasons why many Indonesians like to buy food online. Hemkörning mat from foodrunners.se will give you cheap price if you buy food from this platform

Save Time

Based on a Nielsen report, it revealed that respondents are more interested in online applications because they can save time rather than having to wait or queue when buying food. They also don’t want to waste traveling just to buy food. For this reason, it is very clear that the existence of the application provides convenience to consumers. They don’t have to leave the house or be stuck in traffic for long periods of time on the road.

Many Attractive Promos

Besides saving time, another reason for ordering food online is the existence of attractive promotions or offers from online applications. Not infrequently, currently online food payment provider applications provide multiple promos such as cashback , price discounts, to buy one get one . This promo makes consumers more comfortable with online food ordering services.

Practical Payment Methods

Why do people like ordering food through online applications? Yes, because people are given practical payment options. The payment system is one of the breakthroughs in the emergence of online food ordering applications. Here, digital wallets or e-wallets are quite widely used for food payments. Users only need to top up funds from their bank accounts to the digital wallet application, then they can freely pay for all orders. Top up funds to digital wallets is also safer because all transaction history will be recorded.