April 20, 2024

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The Healthiest Aronia Berries in the World

About Aronia | Aronia Australia

Aronia berries are a fruit native to North America. In some countries, including Indonesia, the name of this fruit is still very foreign. Currently, aronia berries are being developed so that they can be recognized and accepted in Indonesia. However, did you know that aronia berries have extraordinary properties and benefits? In fact, aronia berries are considered the healthiest fruit in the world, right?

Aronia berries have a variety of nutritional content. This is the reason why aronia berries deserve to be called the healthiest fruit in the world. Various vitamins in aronia berries will make the body healthier. Vitamin A will maintain healthy eyes and kidneys, vitamin C increases endurance, vitamin B1 increases nerve sensitivity, and vitamin B6 prevents nausea. Aronia berries even contain vitamin E which is usually found in nuts. This shows that aronia berries have more complex vitamins than other fruits.

Aronia berries contain protein that can regenerate cells. In addition, the fiber content will help smooth digestion and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine, thereby helping to prevent heart disease and obesity. Aronia berries also contain various minerals that the body needs, from calcium, iron, to manganese. We need these minerals in small amounts. That is, the mineral content of aronia berries that seem a little bit is actually very helpful for our mineral needs. You can also make juice with aronia fruit or you can buy it here aroniaberry.ca

Iodine is usually found in salt, and is rarely found in fruit. Well, this aronia berry is one of the fruits that contain iodine. The content of iodine in aronia berries will increase the intelligence of the brain. Meanwhile, iron is used to increase blood hemoglobin, potassium maintains the stability of body fluids, and others. Complex minerals in this fruit are rarely found in other fruits.

In addition to these nutritional content, aronia berries also contain flavonoids that form a dark purple color. The presence of high concentrations of these flavonoids indicates the presence of strong anti-oxidants. Antioxidants will ward off free radicals that destroy the body’s DNA so that we are protected from various types of cancer.

Aronia berries can be eaten directly, but can also be processed into wine , syrup, butter, tea, and juice. People who already know the benefits of this small fruit are starting to consume it or process it to increase its selling value. For those of you who want to taste it, this fruit is already available in large fruit shops.

From the nutrients contained in it, this fruit is very suitable for consumption by you and your family to maintain health. The best food for us is food that comes from natural ingredients with good processing as well.