March 2, 2024

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Foodbeast’s New Live Cooking Series Is UFC Meets Iron Chef

Foodbeast’s Kitchen League: Challengers Vs. Champs is coming to Twitch.TV as the world’s first-ever live-streamed cooking series on a major platform. A truly live cooking competition series with a sprint towards a final showdown sounds intense. Who’s going to burn their protein? Who’s going to undercook their rainbow risotto? Who’s knife skills are going to falter and leave a pinkie finger on the cutting board? Who’s going to make it to the finale and then go down in a blaze of glory?

Live stream aside, the show sounds like a fun respite from the usual cooking competition shows we already know and love. Each live stream, airing on Twitch.TV/Crown, features a mix of real-deal chefs, Tik-Tok-famous cooks, and Twitch-famous cooks facing off against each other in their home kitchens. Host Elie Ayrouth, publisher and co-founder of Foodbeast, is the master of ceremonies and calls each match like a UFC bout.

The show ups the ante for competing chefs by throwing sabotages into the mix while they’re cooking live. These are obstacles like cook “one-handed” or “without a knife” or “blindfolded.” All of them add to the intensity of every cook and can lead to some serious crash-and-burns when timed right. Those sabotages are inflicted on the sweating chefs by, well, you. Viewers can use their channel points to sabotage a chef at any point in their cook. Which, if we’re being honest, is a great twist on the cooking competition show format. Incidentally, you can also use your channel points to protect your favorite cook. But where’s the fun in that?

If you’re looking for a sense of the show, you can catch a glimpse with our own Steve Bramucci (who’s no stranger to cooking battles) competing right here. Check out the trailer for the show below!

The first episode of the new season will live stream on May 5th from 12 pm to 2 pm Pacific/3 pm to 5 pm Eastern at Twitch.TV/Crown.