July 14, 2024

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Top 4 Bakery Trends

Bakeries are a huge part of Australian culture. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, Australians love to stop at their local bakery for freshly made pastries and other baked goods.  As the culinary field evolves, so do the trends in bakery items.

A few of our favourite trends from this year include the rise of vegan options such as vegan donuts and vegan croissants. Bakeries are offering more gluten-free options as well as nut-free items for those with allergies or food sensitivities. 

Read on to find out more about the latest food trends! 

1. Artisan bread dough

Artisan bread dough is buttery and airy and has an earthy flavour to it.

Bakery trends are usually influenced by cultures and regions. For instance, in France, they take pride in their traditional breads like the baguette or country loaves. However, artisan bread dough is a trend that has become popular in the bakery industry across various countries as well as different cultures in recent years.

There are many reasons why bakery owners choose to buy artisan bread dough. Here are some examples:

  • it can be stored for a longer period of time
  • it is more practical and cost efficient
  • there is no need to hire a lot of team members to operate expensive machines
  • it is good to work with a known cafe supplier.

As a cafe or bakery owner, you might want to invest in artisan bread dough. 

2. Vegan doughnuts

Vegan doughnuts are a part of the bakery trends that are spreading across Australia. With increasing intake of vegan products on the rise, there is a new generation of consumers who look and ask for vegan doughnuts.

Some bakeries in Australia have begun to offer vegan baked goods in their shops as well as vegan doughnuts.

As a result, more and more people are getting educated about them and now they are gaining popularity. 

3. Vegan croissants

Vegan croissants are a relatively new trend that is taking bakery chains by storm. More and more companies are adding vegan items to their menus in response to the growing popularity of veganism and the demand for animal-free foods.

Some vegans see vegan croissants as an important way to combat the stereotype that all vegans only eat salads, so they’re committed to finding them at establishments near them.

4. Gluten-free items

Gluten-free foods are becoming more and more popular. It is a diet that includes grains which have no gluten in them, such as rice, corn, quinoa and millet. That means no wheat, rye or barley in their ingredients for those with gluten intolerance.

Many people who have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity find that they can live a happy and healthy life without having to avoid all foods containing gluten.

Wrap up

In Australia, people have been striving to become more healthy. This is why vegan foods are on the rise. Gluten-free and artisan goods are also rising in popularity. 

There are many options to choose from today if you want to be healthy. More cafes and restaurant owners have been expanding their menus to accommodate customers who are going vegan.