April 20, 2024

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Increase Restaurant Turnover Up to 30%

The Average Restaurant Profit Margin and How to Increase Yours

In a case study, a restaurant in Chicago, United States that has a delicious menu but experienced a decrease in the rate of customer return visits. Increasing restaurant turnover does require an approach based on a clear analysis.

Some restaurant business research conducted by the University of Ohio found that, 60% of restaurant businesses closed in the 3rd year of opening. The reason that is often stated by the restaurant owners is that the restaurant is closed because the visitors are getting less and less.

In fact, there are interesting things behind the lack of visitors, that restaurant customers are starting to look for restaurants that can be ordered online.

Advantages of Online Order System for Restaurants

This is a change, as internet penetration and the digital evolution index are entering the next phase. Restaurant owners must begin to prepare themselves to adapt to these changes.

According to a report from GlobalWebIndex , consumers spend more than 6 hours online each weekday. In between activities, they access a lot of social chat such as WhatsApp and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So it’s not surprising that the National Restaurant Association found that 60% of adults prefer to order food from home or from the office if there is a restaurant that provides delivery services.

By using reliable restaurant information system technology , service, management and monitoring can be carried out measurably and according to scale. Increased turnover can also be achieved from various sales channels if the information technology in your restaurant already supports it.

Increase Restaurant Turnover Up to 30%

The restaurant in Chicago mentioned above is now using an online food ordering platform where the public can find their restaurant online and directly order food delivery online. How to increase restaurant turnover with this new method is a pro-active approach in responding to change.

Especially during peak hours, where people in modern offices (such as in the cities of Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Jogja, Semarang and Bandung) are sure to move away from places where they are bound by work preventing them from going to your restaurant, and finally online delivery. order is a win-win solution.

A study conducted by a restaurant information system developer with an online ordering system, found that restaurants – which use an online food ordering system – can increase their net income by more than 30% on average.

This can be interpreted that: by studying changes in consumer behavior and overcoming them by presenting online ordering service solutions through a platform that can be accessed via mobile phones – and other devices connected to the internet – is the most important factor today in the success of the restaurant business.

An example of a successful restaurant that started as a family business

An information technology consultant in Jakarta , Indonesia – who is also a Tier III data center operator – explained that: a restaurant business that started as a family business has now been able to open branches quickly, efficiently and effectively. This can happen because all monitoring facilities and performance cohesiveness from front to back provide improved service while maintaining the quality standards of their cuisine’s taste.

One of the goals of strengthening the information technology infrastructure in a restaurant is to maintain the same taste and customer experience, because successful restaurants in the beginning usually have a certain set of perceived customers. On the other hand, if the good initial set starts to be felt by the customer, the customer’s return or customer loyalty will decrease.

Likewise with the online order system that is implemented, because the time from production to delivery has been measured and determined to maintain taste and service, loyal customers who place orders online – psychologically – will remain committed to placing orders at a later date or approaching the restaurant when walk to the mall. The basic human principle is that it is difficult to change, if there is a change in service and taste, it will be difficult for customers to accept.

Online Food Ordering System Provides Operational Advantage

Maintaining customer convenience is important, but this is only part of the advantages achieved on the operational side through the online order system. Another advantage that arises is that, a restaurant can cut more than half the processing time required before implementing this system. This of course provides great benefits for the operational part of your restaurant.

Research shows that 75% of orders via telephone take more than 1 minute, and 30% more than 3 minutes. This means that to serve 100 food orders via telephone, the restaurant takes 2.5 to 4 hours for employees. With an online order system, customers enter their own data and address as well as the menu to be ordered, and prevent errors from the menu ordered.

The biggest advantage that restaurant owners can experience is a 50% increase in food delivery sales after an online ordering system is available.

Implementing an Online Order System in Restaurants

With all the advantages described above, an online ordering system for a restaurant can be a stumbling block without a structured strategic plan with a strong analytical basis.

At first it will feel a bit heavy both in terms of the investment budget, as well as getting used to the new operational environment for employees and management. But after that, your restaurant only needs to focus on improving the menu or creating new menus for customers. Thus increasing restaurant turnover above 30% and efficiency can be more easily achieved. If you need your restaurant can order online, the best option is incentivio.com is the company that provide application can make your restaurant go to online ordering.