June 20, 2024

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Golden Tree Frog – Some Primary Specifics

Golden Tree Frogs make a terrific pet for the reason that they prefer residing in a quiet habitat. This species life up to 6 years and have an angular head with a pointed nose, with coloring of orange tan with frivolously striped grey, a brown stripe all over the experience, and a white or cream stomach. They really should be fed two or three instances a week, and favor dwell crickets as the most important training course.

Deciding on

When buying out a Golden Tree Frog guarantee it is healthy below are solutions:

1. Active ones are favored because warn and cell frogs are healthier frogs.
2. Don’t decide frogs with cuts, scratches, unconventional bumps, dim crimson markings, rostral abrasions, or underweight frogs.
3. Go up frogs with cloudy eyes indicating sickness.
4. It is encouraged that new frogs be quarantined and checked by a veterinarian ahead of introducing them to an now occupied habitat to assure they do not infect present frogs.


Setting up a balanced habitat for Golden Tree Frogs demands a terrarium with the pursuing suggestions:

1. A 20 gallon terrarium measuring 24″x12″x16″ for two males and a woman.

2. Tanks need to comprise perches, these kinds of as driftwood or vines, hiding sites with massive leaves, and a bowl of spring drinking water big more than enough for the frog to soak in.

3. Will not use gravel, small bark, or abrasive carpeting for the reason that these can slice their skin and are hazardous if it is swallowed instead use moist paper towels, foam rubber or coconut husk fibers.

4. Plants are essential, but make confident that the kinds picked are not poisonous to them. Artificial crops can be enfolded all over their perches to give them an suitable hiding spot, and significant broad-leaf crops should also be added to give additional hiding sites..

5. The humidity must be retained previously mentioned 60%.and temperature taken care of concerning 75 and 85 degrees.

Food plan

The Golden Tree Frog typically prefers a food plan of are living crickets and ought to commonly be fed three to 6 crickets somewhere around three times for each week. The moment a 7 days other food need to be added to improve their diet regime, which includes wax worms, food worms, silk worms, moths, flies, or other insects. Do not above feed them simply because they will develop into fats, which helps make it pretty vulnerable to disease and infection. To keep healthful frogs, every 3rd feeding grownups need to have the meals coated with substantial top quality reptile vitamin and mineral supplements, when juveniles must have this with every feeding.


While many varieties of frogs that are brightly colored have poisons in their skins, these Golden Tree Frogs are not harmful.

You can receive a Golden Tree Frog from quite a few online merchants, but they are rather an highly-priced purchase. However, if you study a little a lot more, you can discover golden tree frogs for sale also.