March 2, 2024

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Enjoying Coffee Right Can Maximize The Taste

How to switch to black coffee [4 steps]-Death Wish Coffee Company

Coffee is no longer the usual hot black drink, it has become a lifestyle. Today there are so many coffeeshops and if you don’t visit a mainstay coffee shop in a city, then you can’t be called a coffee explorer and connoisseur.

The coffee business is also a promising business, considering the proliferation of coffee connoisseurs in various places in Indonesia. Enjoying coffee from all over the region is a way to enjoy and explore the extraordinary taste of coffee.

Apart from how to process it, how to enjoy coffee is also important to be able to taste good coffee. Most coffee machines or espresso machines already use coffee processing principles correctly. Just a human touch to perfect it. But if you don’t want the hassle of learning how to process coffee properly so that it produces a delicious coffee taste, at least you know how to enjoy it better.

Most people drink coffee by sipping it. I don’t know where this method came from, it has become a method used by many people and is considered the most delicious way to enjoy coffee. But did you know that there is a much better way? User South Indian filter coffee.

In principle we should maximize the sensations generated by our senses of taste and smell. Do not drink coffee, do not sip, but inhale. When the coffee touches the lower lip, inhale the aroma while putting the coffee in your mouth until it spreads evenly over your tongue. That way we expose coffee as much as possible to the taste-detecting nerves in the mouth as well as sends the aroma to the sense of smell so that the brain gets complete information about the coffee we drink.

There are also those who think that the true espresso coffee is the one that tastes bitter. This assumption is not completely wrong but also not completely true. Bitter or not espresso coffee is not a measure of the quality of espresso coffee presentation. Bitterness does exist in coffee naturally because of the caffeine content, but it shouldn’t be the dominant taste. Properly extracted espresso has a natural sweetness and a balanced component of bitter and sour flavors.