July 23, 2024

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Chinese Dessert – Aloe Vera With Ginkgo Nuts, Longans and White Fungus

Chinese Dessert – Aloe Vera With Ginkgo Nuts, Longans and White Fungus

Aloe vera with ginkgo nuts, longans and white fungus is a wholesome Chinese dessert (or “tang sui” or “tong sui” in Chinese). This Chinese dessert is suited to be taken through very hot summertime days as it has cooling. White fungus typically use in Chinese soup as it is know to profit the spleen, strengthens the belly and expel warmth. In the meantime, ginkgo nuts are good for females who encounter extreme white discharge and youngsters with weak bladders.

This dessert can be taken chilly or incredibly hot. Take away the ginkgo nuts by cracking the shell in advance of cooking. To eliminate the skin from the nuts, hold them in the fridge to start with. This will loosen the skin so that it is simpler to peel.

As for the white fungus, soak them in cold drinking water for awhile. Once the white fungus turn into smooth, slice into modest parts.

Remove the aloe vera pores and skin just before cooking. Slice them into smaller pieces.

Longans pores and skin are light brown in shade. The flesh is juicy and transparent.


2 parts white fungus

1/2 cup longans (canned)

1/4 cup ginkgo nuts

1/8 cup aloe vera flesh

1/2 cup sugar

3 cups water


1. Soak the white fungus in chilly drinking water for a couple of minutes.

2. Take away the pores and skin from aloe vera.

3. Get rid of the shell and skin from the ginkgo nuts.

4. Mix all the components alongside one another and boil for 2 hrs.

4. Provide when cooked.

This dessert can be boiled extended if you want the nuts to be softer. If you want to boil more time, use a slow cooker and established to significant. It will be cooked to perfection in 4 several hours time. Increase only ample h2o to include the ingredients.This will fasten the cooking time. Once the desserts cook dinner, switch off the stove, insert sugar and some far more boiled h2o.

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