lockdown thoughts from Britain’s renowned food writer Elizabeth David

If the lockdown has caused me to rethink anything, it’s what it means to belong somewhere. For many of us, life before lockdown was varied: we went out to work, saw friends and family and an annual holiday abroad was a real possibility. But the lockdown has presented a significant challenge to those of us whose worlds have suddenly shrunk to the four walls we call home. What can we do? How can we reconsider what it means to belong at home? I think one approach is through what we eat.

I’ve been finding some comfort from the books of Elizabeth David (1913-1992) – one of Britain’s most revered food writers of the 20th century. David’s difficult experiences during the second world war and its immediate aftermath find their way into her books, in which she uses food as a key ingredient in meditating on what it means to belong,

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