April 20, 2024

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National Bagel Day Is Here and Einstein Bros. Is Offering a Freebie

Photo credit: Emily Hlavac Green
Photo credit: Emily Hlavac Green

From Good Housekeeping

Sorry to break it to you, cereal lovers, but it’s pretty clear that bagels are the supreme breakfast food — no question. I take my bagels very seriously, which is why I’ll be celebrating loud and proud on January 15 (AKA National Bagel Day).

Like most food holidays, National Bagel Day means deals from your favorite chain restaurants and food brands to help you celebrate properly. In some cases you can get free breakfast sandwiches, cheap spreads like cream cheese or even free cooking advice. One thing’s for sure — you’ll be hungry for a bacon, egg and cheese after reading about these deals so be sure to pencil in time for breakfast this National Bagel Day. You’re gonna need it.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

From January 15 through the end of the month, Einstein Bros. Bagels is offering a free egg sandwich to any guest who orders ahead using the company’s app. Their stores feature 11 different varieties including The Farmhouse with fresh cracked eggs, bacon, ham, cheddar, pepper shmear and country gravy — all on a fresh cheesy hash brown gourmet bagel.


Thomas’ Bagels is the largest producer of bagels available in grocery stores across the country, and to jumpstart the new year, the company donated $100,000 to Operation Warm. Operation Warm is a nonprofit organization that provides brand new winter coats to children in need. In addition to this generous donation, Thomas’ is celebrating National Bagel Day by dropping a cookbook available for free to fans of their bagels. The cookbook can be viewed and downloaded here.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Because nothing pairs better with a bagel than some cream cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is offering a free tub of cream cheese on National Bagel Day. To enter the giveaway, visit this link from Ibotta and add the Philadelphia offers to your “shopping list.” Once you do that, you’ll be able to redeem the deal while supplies last. In addition to this deal, Philadelphia is partnering with Thomas’ Bagels to offer 50-cent tubs of cream cheese when purchased with the bagels.


For a fun at-home baking activity that isn’t as basic as banana bread or sourdough, FarmSteady is offering a Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit that comes with baking mix, baking yeast, malt powder, everything bagel spice, vegetable rennet and cheese cloth that will help you recreate your favorite bagel deli order at home. You can order the kit for about $30 online here, where you can also find an easy-to-follow instructional video.

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