May 30, 2024

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Eat Your Food

Kind Shah Alam Family Set Up Free Food Bank In Front Of House, Inspires More Generosity From Malaysians

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A generous family living in Section 19, Shah Alam, are being praised online after organising a free food bank to help those who are financially struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The family provided basic food items, such as cooking oil, bags of rice, sugar, canned mackerel, flour, and condensed milk and set up the food bank just in front of their house. All members of the public were welcomed to come and self-collect whatever they needed from the stock available.

Just want to help

Speaking to TRP, Marissa Zahara Binti Maslan, 24 shared that her parents, Maslan Urmin and Juraidah Atin organised the food bank solely to help the needy who have been financially affected by the pandemic.

They’re both very random and the easiest way to describe it is probably “suka-suka je buat” no special occasion, they just wanted to share a portion of what they earn with others who may need it most.

Marissa Zahara Binti Maslan

a bottle of items that are on display in a store: (Credit: @marixaza/Twitter)

© Provided by The Rakyat Post
(Credit: @marixaza/Twitter)

Marissa shared that her parents did the shopping for the supplies themselves, while putting her and siblings in charge of distributing and monitoring the food supply at the food bank.

As it was their first time organising such an effort, Marissa said it was pretty challenging to keep everything in order and ensuring there was enough food to go around.

The main concern was definitely not being able to provide for everyone and having to turn some people away when we ran out.

Marissa Zahara Binti Maslan

She said the response was so overwhelming that her father had to make 2-3 extra trips to the store to buy more supplies, adding that although the food bank was yesterday (30 Jan), the family still has people ringing their doorbell today to ask for some food.

In a follow-up to her original tweet, she said all the items had been successfully donated in less than 2 hours after her first post, adding that another food bank will be organised by her family next week.

According to Marissa, her family is pleased to have been able to help more than 100 people and their families during yesterday’s event.

We’re just an everyday ordinary family who is truly humbled and grateful for being able to do this while receiving positive and kind words from so many people. Thank you.

Marissa Zahara Binti Maslan

Inspiring kindness

a sign on a table: (Credit: @marixaza/Twitter)

© Provided by The Rakyat Post
(Credit: @marixaza/Twitter)

In less than 24 hours, Marissa’s tweet has garnered over 26.4K likes, and more than 31K retweets.

Most of the responses were of people praising and praying for Marissa’s family, wishing them good health and ease in their endeavours so that they can continue helping those in need.

Some also took the opportunity to promote other similar free markets nationwide, such as the one organised by the Multiracial Reverted Muslims’s (MRM) at MyKampung FreshMart in Section 24, Shah Alam which is also offering basic food supplies for free to those who need it, regardless of their race or religion.

We often assume that in times of emergencies, people will automatically start to panic and look out only for themselves.

Yet, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that in reality, people tend to act in solidarity and turn toward each other with a sense of togetherness. They volunteer, donate supplies, spread goodwill, strengthening social bonds and helping everyone to be resilient, together.

If you’re able to, donate to your local charity organisations, or just show some kindness to help those around you. It’s all about #kitajagakita now.

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