April 20, 2024

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Food Network reveals Chopped 420, a cannabis cooking competition

Food Network plans to launch a spinoff of its popular Chopped cooking competition. The new series, Chopped 420, will feature contestants who compete with each other to prepare meals using provided ingredients — one of which will be cannabis, which is now legal at the recreational level in a number of US states.

Cannabis cooking shows are a thing, but they’ve largely existed as YouTube series. Netflix got in on the genre last year with its Cooking with Cannabis reality show, which is joined by select other shows like Bong Appetite and Cooking on High.

Food Network will expand the genre with its first cannabis cooking show, arguably introducing the most mainstream reality competition currently focused on the increasingly legal (though generally still illegal) substance.

Chopped 420 will feature four chefs who compete with each other to cook a main dish, appetizer, and dessert using provided ingredients, of which cannabis will be one. According to Deadline, the series will feature judges Sam Talbot, Esther Choi, and Luke Reyes.

The judges will be joined by Laganja Estranja, Tacarra Williams, and show host Ron Funches. Each competition will offer up a $10,000 grand prize for the episode’s winner. You’ll need a Paramount+ subscription ($5.99/month) to watch the series, which is scheduled to debut on 4/20.