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Earl Grey Tea in Popular Culture

Earl Grey Tea in Popular Culture

There is certainly a selected mystique about Earl Grey. It’s exclusive taste and colourful, secret shrouded origins make a great tale, and it’s almost certainly the greatest acknowledged of all English teas, and possibly the finest known tea, time period.

Repeated references to the mix in well-liked lifestyle (most typically, songs, movies, tv, and books), have only reinforced the image, and created the drink even additional commonly known than at any time. You do not have to glimpse considerably to find references to the mix, for instance:

Likely the ideal identified character in American television to consume the tea on a regular basis is none other than Captain Jean Luc Picard, of the USS Enterprise (Star Trek, the Future Era), but it isn’t going to halt there. In an episode of Star Trek spinoff, “Deep Area 9” you will find a reference to “That Earl Gray fellow,” and educating him a factor or two about tea leaves, so Earl Gray in the Star Trek universe is well represented certainly!

The superior Captain is not by itself, nonetheless. Artimis Fowl (from the novels bearing his identify) has really a fondness for the stuff, as does Sir Leigh Teabing, from the reserve “The DaVinci Code.” Then of class there is John Locke from the Tv clearly show “Shed” who asks antagonist Benjamin Linus for a cup of the stuff, and the character of Hyacinth Bucket from the British sitcom “Trying to keep up Appearances,” beverages the blend in a quantity of episodes.

And let’s not depart out animation! In the anime series Black Butler, the primary character Ciel Phantomhive drinks Earl Grey on a lot of instances, and the drink is in fact integrated into the story line in a variety of approaches.

Songs far too, sees a number of references, ranging from Strange Al Yankovic’s “White and Nerdy” music, to Dada’s keep track of on their self titled 1997 album called “The Ballad of Earl Grey and Chamomile.” You can expect to also obtain a chapter referred to as “Earl Gray” in Garrison Keillor’s “The E book of Fellas,” and if you happen to be into playing video clip video games, and discover on your own sitting in entrance of a match called the “Steamboat Chronicles,” then your default Mech in the match will be the Earl Grey II, and all this just scratches the surface. How numerous other beverages can you title that are so very well represented?