May 18, 2024

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Bolis de Pay de Limón (Mexican Key Lime Pie Ice Pops) Recipe

Bolis de Pay de Limón (Mexican Key Lime Pie Ice Pops) Recipe

Why It Functions

  • Superior concentrations of milkfat and sugar interfere with ice crystal development and hold the texture creamy and sleek.
  • A mix of massive and modest cookie crumbs alongside with contemporary lime zest adds shade and texture.
  • The popsicle-in-a-bag system helps make it best for ingesting on the go or packing in a cooler.

Expanding up in Ohio, I never ever had the superior fortune to check out a bolia substantial Mexican ice pop encased in a apparent plastic bag—when I was a kid. For me, cold treats arrived in a pint at the grocery shop or from a Dairy Queen. But for my spouse, who is Mexican, Dairy Queen and similar speedy food stuff chains that peddled frozen desserts were being some thing particular. When he would talk to for American tender-serve, his mothers and fathers gave him a boli: a small let-down at the time, but now a nostalgic reminder of his childhood.

Wherever we now stay in steamy Mazatlán, Sinaloa, frozen treats are abundant: there’s regular nieve de garrafa, hand-churned ice lotions and sorbets with flavors like leche quemada (cooked milk), passionfruit, and sweet corn paletas (popsicles) and bolis, creamy milk- or fruity drinking water-dependent ice pops frozen within neat plastic luggage. This recipe is for one particular of my preferred milk bolis (also known as bolis de leche), important lime pie. It’s tangy, creamy, and sweet, and preferences just like the common pie. 

Producing the bolis is fairly uncomplicated: I system whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, cream cheese, and sugar in a blender. The condensed milk aids produce that classic essential lime pie flavor, although the addition of  complete milk and product cheese will increase the milk unwanted fat content material of the combination, which inhibits the development of ice crystals and keeps the texture easy and delicate. For the limes, I analyzed with each critical limes and Persian limes and uncovered that, in phrases of taste, they are not that unique. My speculation is that the frozen boli is so cold that the slight taste change and the variation in acidity isn’t that visible. I recommend you use whatever is obtainable to you that’s of very good high-quality. Just make certain to dial back again the sum of zest if you’re working with Persian limes so that it does not overwhelm the other flavors. 

One of the most alluring areas of bolis is the assumed and creative imagination that some people place into the experience of ingesting them. For ones flavored with jocote (a modest, acidic fruit with a plum-like taste, in some cases regarded as ciruela), you may well obtain a stone with some of the tart fruit however hooked up at the bottom of your boli, excellent for chasing the sweetness. A mango boli may have a swirl of spicy purple chamoy sauce that you can combine with the fruit or love as a burst of depth at the close. Then, there are milk bolis that expose pieces of cookies or Gansitos, a chocolate-dipped snack cake, as you consume them.

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For this recipe, I experimented with to integrate some attention-grabbing textural factors. My early makes an attempt to integrate compact segments of crucial lime or candied lime slices fell flat: the previous ended up also intensive and the latter had been much too big and difficult to chew. In its place, I settled on incorporating galletas Marías (crisp vanilla cookies that can be identified in Latin markets), broken into a variety of sizes, and lime zest. To get the cookie’s taste into the boli, I mix a few cookies at the close, along with the zest. Then, for bigger cookie chunks and much more texture, I like to include damaged up galletas Marías immediately to every single boli bag. The end result is an ice product-like deal with with pockets of tender, product-soaked cookies.

When it’s time to freeze the bolis, you will want plastic boli baggage. Seeking for “boli bags” or “ice pop bags” will convert up a number of choices you can order on line, but it is truly worth checking your regional Latin grocery store initially. I employed 2 3/4- by 10-inch luggage, which is a standard boli measurement. When you have the luggage, then comes the challenging portion: getting the viscous mixture into a flimsy plastic bag. The method that performs best for me is to prop the boli bag up in a cup, maintain the mouth of the bag open up with a person hand, and pretty slowly but surely pour in the combination with the other hand. The bag will settle and shift slightly as it fills up, and pouring slowly but surely indicates you can cease the circulation if the bag falls above or closes iin on alone. Fill each bag up about midway, then carefully mush the bottom of the bag close to so that the greater cookie chunks integrate into the combine and aren’t remaining dry at the base, pinch the bag shut at the fill stage to get the air out, and tie a brief overhand knot to seal it off.

As soon as your bolis are frozen, bite or lower off a corner of a boli bag and dig in. You might have to gently bite by way of the bag to extract the to start with bits of the boli, but as it softens, you can commence to squeeze it out of the bag. If you are new to bolis, it’s going to choose a tiny experimentation, but you can expect to figure it out.